More About Us

You may have seen our About Us page already. Thank you for taking a look. Now we want to take a minute to tell you a little bit more about us and the different ways that we travel. We are a family of three which makes it a bit easier for us to get out and about than those with more family members to contend with but take it from us we can each be a handful on our own so some days getting out the door is still a monumental task.


This photo sums us up nicely. Hubby is silly, I’m trying to look pretty and our son is pretending this all isn’t happening.

I am Rayna, I write most of the blog posts and handle the social media. I work part-time at a local independent bookshop as a bookseller and social media maven which means I am often doing some work from home. I spend my days off doing all the regular life things like grocery shopping and chores of course I mean we do have a house to run here but I’m also planning vacations and now working on this blog. I have loved to travel since I can remember. This blog was my idea but it is not only my effort, all three of us do our bit.

Scott takes lots of pictures and writes a few posts for the blog. He is also the tech expert. His job as a Regional Implementation Manager (we don’t know what that means either) takes him on the road about half of the year, a week here, ten days there usually to little places like Lufkin, TX and Cape Girardeau, MO but occasionally bigger locations like NYC or Montreal. Working on the road can lead to craving the comfort and security of home but he is a traveler at heart which keeps him always looking for the next adventure.

Chance is our ten year old son who has racked up more frequent flier miles in his young life than most people do in a lifetime.  We believe that exposing children (and yourself) to different cultures, climates, foods, people and environments is the best way to learn about them, become comfortable with them and ultimately respect and care about them. That is our goal in traveling with our son. He however is a typical little kid, he enjoys traveling as long as he still gets some screen time. He usually has lots of fun once we get wherever we are going but never wants to leave the house. And at this stage he alternates between not wanting to leave our side and wanting us to pretend we don’t know him. Traveling with him is a precious gift I wouldn’t change for the world but let’s be honest it isn’t all cheese and sprinkles.


Typical, I’m trying to look pretty (again), Chance looks lost and Scott is messing with his phone.

We are always looking for ways to travel. First of all we explore our hometown of New Orleans, this area is full of history, art and nature add in all the events and great food we have a lot at our fingertips. Second, if Scott’s job takes him somewhere close enough (8 hour drive or less) Rayna and Chance will join him for a few days. Tagging along like this has let us visit places we never would have otherwise. And finally, we take trips on most of the school holidays throughout the year. We use those times to visit family and discover parts of the world we have yet to see.

From our own backyard to the farthest reaches of the globe we look through the inquisitive eyes of a traveler.


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