Quad Bikes in New Orleans’ City Park

City Park in New Orleans, Louisiana is 13,000 acres of beautiful outdoor space in the heart of the city. We visit the park at least once per week when we are in our hometown. City park is home to big gorgeous oak trees that provide shade for miles of walking and biking trails, botanical gardens, multiple playgrounds, and New Orleans Museum of Art just to name a few of the things you can do while at City Park. (Seriously that isn’t even close to everything.)

One of the other many things you can do in City Park is rent bikes to ride around the park. We are always looking for new ways to see our city, exploring all New Orleans has to offer keeps us busy, gets us out of the house and helps satisfy our need for adventure when jobs and such keep us from traveling. So, we decided to rent a Quad-Bike.

Quad Bike

Quad Bike at City Park in New Orleans, Louisiana

We had seen people riding these bikes around the park on earlier visits and our son asked if we could rent one as a special ‘out of school for summer’ treat. So here we were standing in front of a quad bike getting ready to bike around the Big Lake. A quad bike is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a bike that four people can ride (actually six can ride on these if you strap two littles in the front basket). All four of you pedal and one of you gets to steer, even though there are two steering wheels the one on the right is just for show.

The bike is a little hard to get started but once you get going it’s easy breezy.  We whirled around the lake and then switched drivers so the little guy got an opportunity to try his hand at the wheel. It wasn’t until later we noticed the sign saying you are supposed to be 16 years old to drive (Oops!). The day was hot but the canopy cover kept us in the shade for the most part.

Scott and Chance Riding Quad Bike

We rented the bike for an hour but we are not bike regular bike riders so after about 40 minutes our thighs were burning and we were done.  For some simple family fun renting a quad bike is a no-brainer and I can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner. Next time we will pack a lunch and make it a picnic. Families who are regular bike riders would definitely be able to take the quad farther and see more of the park than we did.


  • March through October
    Open daily: 10am- Sunset
  • Quad Sports – $13/hr per person
  • rent from  City Park Boat House on Big Lake.

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