Working in Coffee Shops – Nola Beans

I am always in search of the perfect location to get work done.  When working at home it is so easy to get distracted by chores and cleaning and lunch that getting any actual work done takes double (or triple) the amount of time it should. Since we don’t have space in our house for an official “office” it means I end up working at the kitchen table. To be fair I do have a desk in another room but that room is also where the gaming computer is located which is also connected to the nearby television and to top it all off that room is also one of the darkest rooms in the house so I end up at the kitchen table. I don’t mind this too much but it is not the ideal situation so I am constantly looking for something better.

I recently discovered working in coffee shops. I know, I know it’s been all the rage for years, so where have I been?! Taking care of a little person mostly and not giving coffee shops the opportunity they so clearly deserve.  That all ended a few months ago when I only had a couple of hours between appointments and desperately needed to get work done so I popped into a coffee shop. In just an hour and a half I had written more blog posts and schedule more social media posts than I had the whole day before working off and on ALL DAY from my kitchen table. And I will never look back, of course I still work from home because it is often most practical but when I really need to get stuff done I hit a coffee shop. And I no longer drop the kid off at school or a playdate and then go home to “work” now I take my laptop along and go to a coffee shop.

Nola Beans Inside

Nola Beans is so cute and the staff was really friendly.

Working in coffee shops also lets you meet people and visit parts of town you wouldn’t otherwise. Recently I found myself at Nola Beans Coffee Shop in the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans. I hadn’t spent much time in this area of the city and didn’t even know this coffee shop existed which is a shame because it is a perfect example of everything New Orleans has to offer. I was there in the afternoon on a Sunday and found the place nearly empty which made for a great work environment.

Nola Beans was warm with welcome. Each chair imperfectly pushed in to custom-made tables set with lovingly mismatched salt and pepper shakers. The walls covered with quirky signs and locally made art, some of it for sale. Like your favorite Aunt’s house after a quick tidy in anticipation of your visit.  The staff was friendly and the barista went out of her way to make sure my coffee was to my liking (it was very good) and thought to ask if I needed a fill up before they dumped the pots for the night (they close at 5pm on Sun.) A calming, productive experience, I’m glad to have found this little gem. If you are looking for a place to work, a bite to eat or just a good cup of coffee you won’t go wrong with Nola Beans.

Nola Beans Cup


  • In the Lakeview Neighborhood: 762 Harrison Ave, New Orleans, LA 70124
  • 7a – 8p every day except Sunday they are 8a – 5p
  • Free strong WiFi
  • Medium Coffee $3.00 including tip

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