5 Things to Discover While Taking a Walk in Nashville

Our hotel was a couple miles from downtown so we had to drive in and find a place to park. Finding a spot was easy enough but the price was outrageous ($18 for 2 hours) so we fed the meter the $1.55 we had in change in the car and left it up the the fate of the meter maids. (The fates were with us!) Here are 5 things we discovered while walking around downtown Nashville:

  1. Lower Broadway

Broadway is the main street through downtown Nashville and lower broadway is a world renown entertainment district. Full of little shops and honky tonks. You can find live music nearly 24/7 365 days per year. A great place to walk around day or night.

Boot on Broadway

2. Music City Walk of Fame

Just a couple blocks off Broadway is a tribute to those in music who are connected to Nashville and have made a a significant contribution to the music industry. It was fun to walk around the park reading the names of each star, some familiar, some we enjoyed looking up later.

Walk of Fame

3. Music City Shop

If I am going to buy a shirt I want it to look nice and I want it to be able to handle real everyday wear regular touristy shops don’t cut it. The Music City Shop is great, the clothes are tough but soft (the best combo) and they have lots of other items great for souvenirs as well. Some locally made stuff too!

music city shop

4. Goo Goo Shop

If it’s hot like it was during our visit or if you’re nostalgic for a good old fashion ice cream shop then a stop at the Goo Goo Shop is a must. The home of those oh so sweet goo goo clusters this shop has candy, merchandise and a dessert bar that serves all kinds of goodness. We each picked a different flavor milkshake to help us beat the heat.

Goo Goo Shop

5. The John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Named for a Nashville native and journalist this pedestrian bridge is one of the longest in the world. It is a lovely piece of history being over 100 years old and provides the opportunity for wonderful sweeping views of the city (see main photo above).

Bridge in Nashville


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