Solar Eclipse Daytrip

As soon as I learned about the solar eclipse I knew we had to see it. Here in New Orleans we were predicted to get 75% coverage (the percentage of the sun that would be covered by the moon) but we were also predicted to have rain and cloud cover. That just would not do for solar eclipse viewing so we took Chance out of school and hit the interstate heading North. The plan: drive North until eclipse time then find a good place to watch.

Chance on penninsula at okatibbee lake

Chance walking on a peninsula out into the lake.

A 2 and a half hour drive brought us to Okatibbee Lake in Meridian, Mississippi. How did we find this place you ask? When the eclipse started we pulled out google maps and looked for a nearby park. I love how this new world of connectivity lets us fly by the seat of our pants but still be in control of the situation. There are 3 parks along the shores of Okatibbee Lake, we visited two of them and they were perfect.

restaurant at okatibbee lake

Marina and Restaurant on Okatibbee Lake. P.S. The restaurant is only open on Sat and Sun.

Bright beautiful water, a charming marina, and clear blue skies it was beautiful. There were hiking trails, a playground, shade trees, and picnic tables we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Meridian had 90% coverage for the solar eclipse and we had an unobstructed view. This was one of those moments you remember for a long time.


Looking at the solar eclipse

Always Take The Trip!

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